2013 | Sculptural Clamp

Connector is study in material and shape striving to negotiate between naturally grown and man made aesthetics. Special focus of this project was on the process of sand-aluminum casting.

Connector started with a series of CAD practice lessons I attended. There I got familiar with several rapid prototyping methods like 3D-print and aluminum sand casting. We where asked to produce a rather simple constructive piece, using these techniques.
My goal was to design a connector that expresses lightness and flexibility. Besides, I wanted it to work well with organic shapes of wooden branches, thus aesthetically communicating with both mechanics and nature. As an example of possible constructions, I put together some skinned branches and built the base for a floor lamp. The lamp shade was inspired by origami folding and suits well to “connector”.
My constructive object consists of two pieces of identical shape that are connected with a screw running through their axes. Any kind of branch or batten can be fixed onto them by clamping it with an U-bolt. Connecting several bars this way, it is possible to quickly construct whatever structure you like to receive.